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Easy Apple Pies

The thought of making an apple pie from scratch may seem daunting for those who have not done it before. Relax! It’s really not difficult, and when you’re done, not only do you have something delicious to eat, but the feeling of personal satisfaction is its own special reward. Whether you are comfortable in the kitchen or not, you can make great pie. Pie making comes in two parts (well, three if you count eating it!) the crust and the filling. Follow the step-by-step instructions below and you will never want a store-bought pie again!

Let’s get started!

The following are the basic things you will need to begin. You probably have these in your kitchen. If not a quick trip to your supermarket will do it. (For quality pie making equipment, you can shop with us online.)

Pie plate or tin – we strongly recommend glass or ceramic, but alluminum will do in a pinch.
Mixing bowls – a couple large mixing bowls and a spoon will be used to mix your pie dough and the apple filling.
Measuring cups and spoons to measure ingredients.
Pastry blender or two table knives to “cut in” or “blend” the butter and/or shortening with the flour.
Rolling pin and pie mat. (A clean counter top can substitute for a pie mat, but eventually you will want one.)
Cutting board, paring knife, hand peeler, wire wisk.

If you are missing something, or want to upgrade your baking tools, see our product section or go to the Online Store.

Consumable ingredients

The following ingredients are designed to make the basic crust and filling for one pie in a 9 inch pie plate.

Apples! 8-9 medium apples, or about 4 pounds. See the section on apples for a list of preferred baking apples. (Please, please avoid Macs or Red Delicious varieties!) Pictured here are Cortlands.
All purpose flour. 2 1/4 cups. (Some extra for rolling out pastry, and 2-3 tablespoon’s worth for the apple filling.) Avoid self-rising flour.
Unsalted butter 10 tablespoons, and 5 tablespoons of shortening, such as Crisco – regular or butter flavored.
One egg (…but it’s difficult to buy just one!)
1/2 teaspoon of salt (for crust)
1/2 – 1 cup granulated sugar for the apple filling, and 1 tablespoon of sugar for the crust.1/2 – 3/4 teaspoon of cinnamon.

Go ahead, make my pie!

Let’s go make a pie! An easy, flaky crust with cinnamon apple filling.

*Note: The brands depicted here are for illustration only. At Apple of Your Pie we have some personal preferences, but it really does not matter what brand you choose.

LetPie making products….

Making a great pie is easier
than you think!

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We welcome international pie makers. Don’t get confused about the measurements! Use the conversion table to make the right pie.

US to Metric conversion.

1 cup = 250 milliliters
1 tablespoon = 15 milliliters
1 teaspoon = 5 milliliters
425 degrees F = 218 C
400 degrees F = 204 C
375 degrees F = 190 C

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