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Kitchen tools for making your pie 
We have assembled a list of quality kitchen items and utensils for convenient, one-stop shopping. We have kitchen-tested these items and found them to be an excellent value. Everything you should need is included in the Online Store, but if you think we have missed something, let us know and we’ll add it. Featured on this page are some of our favorite products.To purchase any of the products you see here, or to see our complete line, visit our Online Store. Click here: Shop now at our Online Store! Call us to order at 800-780-9770.DUE TO VACATION, ANY ORDERS PLACED BETWEEN AUGUST 7 AND AUGUST 25, WILL NOT BE SHIPPED UNTIL AUGUST 28. WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS.  Get the right stuff to make your pie. Think of how good it will be to share your finished work. Or, forget sharing, just think of how good it will taste to you!
It’s a work of art! It’s a joy to use and to hold. A favorite of Apple of Your Pie’s general manager, this stainless steel rolling pin is heavier than our maple pins and rolls chilled pie dough like a champ – without having to push down as hard. Built like a crank shaft on a Ferrari, it will take on any pie dough the way Mario Andretti takes on the course at Monte Carlo. Use with a cotton rolling pin sleeve or as is. Either way it’s a great tool for your pie making.  No pie-maker should be without this tool, used for cutting in the butter and shortening into your flour. A proper dough blender is the start to a good pie crust. We searched long and hard for the best dough blender on the market, and we have found it from Foxrun Premier. The slightly oval handle will not slip in your hand and the heavy stainless blades can withstand an enormous amout of abuse. This is truly the best tool for the job. It may seem simple, but a good mixing bowl is important. We like this stainless steel model for its high sides, ample capacity and easy clean up. Another advantage of stainless is that it helps keep your dough mixture cool after being in the refrigerator. The eight quart bowl measures 11 3/4 inches across and is a full 6 inches deep. (Shown here with a large spatula and wooden spoon for scale.) When it comes to peeling apples, save time with this mechanical apple peeler. It’s an old-fashioned invention that has yet to be improved upon and it will give you years of service. This is an exceptionally hi-quality model, superior to those sold by other catalogs. It really makes peeling apples a whole lot faster. Our table-top model with suction bottom, (shown here) is a wonderful device that is perfect on a smooth counter top. We also have a clamp-on model for less-than-smooth surfaces. See them both in our on-line shop. The apple corer/divider from Oxo is an outstanding tool that every pie maker should own. Unlike other designs, the Oxo tool has raised handles that prevent your knuckles from coming in contact with the table or cutting board. Peel your apples first then use this to make eight neat slices.  This is a small selection of our hand tools and utensils. See these and many other products at our Online Store!  
Return Policy: With the exception of fresh apples, items ordered from Apple of Your Pie may be returned within 30 days of receipt for a full refund (not including shipping) provided they are in unused, new condition, in the original packaging. Items damaged in transit will be replaced at no cost to you. NOTE: No items will be accpeted without a return authorization number which must be obtained by calling us, or sending us an e-mail explaining the reason for the return. Please include a phone number and the the original order number with your request.
Shipping: Products will be shipped via ground, using UPS or US Postal Service. Shipping charges are based on weight.

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