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The beginning of something delicious
Thanks again for visiting Apple of Your Pie. We initiated this web site and on-line business as a way of reaching a broader audience. We also wanted to provide different types of information to our audience than could be achieved through our book (written by Eileen) alone.

They call her the Pie Lady
Eileen Maher Kronauer is a transplant to New England, spending her childhood in the Philippines and high school years in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. She met her husband at the University of Pennsylvania where she was working on a graduate degree in city planning. She and her husband, Charles moved to Massachusetts in 1988 where they live on former farm land.

As it turned out, a small (215 tree) apple orchard, maintained professionally by a local grower, is situated only a few hundred yards from the house, and was (and still is) part of the property. The abundance of ready fruit provided the incentive for Eileen to try her hand at apple pie making. The early results were mixed, but after a short while Eileen’s expertise became a special treat to friends and family. Thus was born a pie-making fanatic! Eileen’s book, Apple of Your Pie was self-published in 1998, primarily as a way to channel her energy and enthusiasm for apple pie making, so that it could be shared with others. The business has been developed from this initial idea.

Blossom from our orchard

Original 1860 farm house in Harvard, MA after a snow storm.

Kristina (11) mowing the orchard on our 1953 Ford tractor.

The Book

Apple of Your Pie is not only a cookbook. It qualifies as a unique historical reference on apple growing in America and in particular, the orchards of central Massachusetts, many of which have disappeared. It also is a great reference on apples themselves, their characteristics of flavor, color and texture, which ones to use for baking, and where to find them. In particular, there is a table of baking apple varieties that will help you find the right fruit for your pie.

For more detail see our book page in the products section.
For orders and service call 800-780-9770.

Apple of Your Pie has been an instant local success. Now in its third printing, (NEW VERSION). it is sold at more than two dozen Massachusetts locations including bookstores, orchards and farm stands as well as directly through this site. We are looking for additional resellers!

The Business
Eileen is joined by her husband, Charles in this expanded venture. It is operated from our office in Harvard, MA.

For more information or to make inquiries, contact us.

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