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A window to apples, pies and other sites
At Apple of Your Pie our focus is on apples and, of course, apple pies. However, there are companies, organizations, associations related to apples, history, agriculture etc. that are worth visiting. Here are the ones we have found.

If you would like to be included here, or if you know of an organization that other people would find interesting, that would improve this listing, let us know.

Agriculture and Farm Bureau Sites

Massachusetts Department of Food and Agriculture

Massachusetts Association of Roadside Stands:

Commercial and Reference Sites

American Pie Council: great information on commercial aspects of pie making and promotion:
USApple Association:

Massachusetts Fruit Growers Association:

The Apple Journal is an excellent site where you can link to many orchards around the country. A good source for cooking informtion and recipes:

Great cinnamon for your pie can be found at

Apple and Historical Reference, Botanical

Apple Tasting at Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts
Sturbridge Village offers the unique experience of apple tasting classes, where you can taste antique apples and learn about their history. Also, Old Sturbridge is a source for antique apples trees. Call for information and schedules (508) 347-3362, or visit their site,

Tower Hill Botanical Gardens
A great place to visit, this is a modern facility with beautiful gardens, orchards, a climate controlled greenhouse, restaurant and gift shop. Tower hill also has one of the best libraries for anything related to plants and horticulture. They are located in Boylston, Massachusetts and can be found on the web at:

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